Diva Redefined

I’m so happy you’re here!

Please make yourself at home within the pages of my Lifestyle blog. This is: DIVA REDEFINED. By sharing snippets of my journey I hope to encourage woman in music and beyond to embrace the song that is uniquely theirs, no matter what that may be! To the modern day diva, I wish you much freedom, faith and fearlessness.

A little about me: My name is Kayla Hill and I am a 24 year-old creative type (right-brain for sure). I smile pretty wide and find joy in simple things like biting into a delicious dessert. I just finished my Master of Music Degree at the University of Michigan and am an aspiring opera singer (kaylahill.com). Beyond my love of music, I’m passionate about exploring and understanding the world through travel. In the sprit of discovery, I’m also constantly fascinated with beautiful clothing finds and artistic fashion. Finally, I love Jesus and hope my life illuminates His love.




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“You are beautiful for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” — Pslam 139:14