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Things I’ve Learned from Living in Germany

Being in a new place is always an adjustment and learning experience. Germany is no exception. Since being here, I’ve had days where I feel the high’s of seeing new things and navigating unfamiliar territory. There are other days where I feel the lows of not being able to understand everything. I feel the urge to make petty complaints about the lack of black hair products or specific foods I crave at the grocery store. It’s human nature to search for familiarity, right? The reality is that in foreign counties it’s not always that easy. All of these things have been great experiences in refining my character and exersizing a “glass-half-full” mentality.


All Things Berlin: Pt 2

Reichtag Dome

It’s been a little over a month in Berlin and so much has happened! I’ve finally completed a production of Suor Angelica with the Berlin Opera Academy!!! Rehearsal’s were really hectic so it’s been a struggle finding time to shoot for the blog, but we make it do what it do!!! Since my last post I’ve observed even more about German culture and city life in Berlin


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“You are beautiful for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” — Pslam 139:14