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Thanksgiving, America’s Greatest Contradiction

This Thanksgiving has been different for me. For the first time I’m celebrating outside of the U.S.

Usually I’m at my family’s house grubbing on soul food. You know, the kind of rich food that gives you a small, but noticeable food baby. Then, we’ll go to look through the newspaper adds for the best deals and decide what stores, if any, to conquer the next day.

But this year I’m in Germany.

No one really celebrates Thanksgiving here.

No stuffing, no mac and cheese, no sweet potato pie or fried turkey.

BUT best believe Germans still celebrate Black Friday!

The holiday deals are still poppin.


Must-Have Fall Accessories: Leather Totes

Any woman knows how important it is to find a reliable every day bag. Ya know, something that’s the perfect blend of both style, function and durability (sounds like shopping for a car right? haha). All jokes aside, having a strong tote game is serious business for any lady on the go.

My hunt for the perfect leather tote began two years ago in grad school. It was important to me that I find something that would last a long time and would be able to get me through long class days and frequent travel. These are my top pics for finding quality leather totes.


Self Care for Singers

We don’t think about it, but learning to be still is a skill. Being still in our minds, calm in our bodies and at ease in every way can be really really hard. As musicians, constant sounds, movement and expression often make us feel at home……..but for a moment, let me offer a point for reflection.

Have you ever considered that music is really a relationship between both sound and silence?

Songs would loose meaning without breaths between phrases and pauses between the notes. Ironically, those momentary pauses add more life and energy to the sound. Rests in a score are distinctly placed to add dimension and clarity in shaping musical ideas.

I’ve even witnessed powerful grand pauses in live performance that leave audiences captivated. So you see my friends, music needs both. Sound and silence.

Whether we realize it or not, I think the same thing is true about our own lives. Yet, all too often we ignore the rests.


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“You are beautiful for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” — Pslam 139:14